Are you aware of your talents?

I was watching a reality show and saw some kids come up to the stage and sing songs (Bollywood/Pop songs) imitating the professionals who were present there. I could see the expression of delight on the professionals' faces as they heard their own song being sung, to near perfection, by these kids.

These kids were so good and so talented! It is really a boon for these kids to have their talent spotted, so early in their lives! They have all the time in the world to nurture and perfect their talents; Set me thinking deeply!!!

How many of us have the opportunity to be aware of our talents early in life?

I think there is a flaw in our educational system or the way we upbring our children that prevents the surfacing of the talents in them, early on.

Are you aware of your talents? What if, in your childhood, your special talent was identified and you had an opportunity to nurture it, just like the kids I saw on the reality show? Would life be different, for you, today?

These thoughts set me thinking deeper!

Do you realize that people who charge obscene money for their performance are all related to the special talents they have?

  • Actors
  • Pop stars
  • Authors
  • Business men
  • Thought leaders

Is it too late for you or me to identify our talents and nurture them? I am sure the answer is a resounding "No".

The challenge, however, is to know the process by which we can identify our talents!

Stay tuned for future posts on how to identify your talents!

Meanwhile, ask yourself these important questions!

  • Do I know my unique talent?
  • Am I nurturing my unique talent?
  • Is my talent matured enough to give me commercial returns?
  • What is the one, unique talent I possess that I can excel and reach the "level of masters"?

Of course, it is NOT necessary to turn your talent into money; That is a very personal decision and choice.

It is a choice, only you can make!

What are your thoughts on this? Do share in your comments here!

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