Are you aware of how you interpret life?

Every event, idea, person and whatever you come across in your day-to-day life is subject to your interpretation. Over a period of time you fall into a habit of interpreting in a certain way that is either good or dysfunctional to you.

Your mind is so quick to take a stance that you almost miss noticing it or you are completely unaware of what is happening. The result is that it affects your behavior and your attitude.

It is important to monitor the way you interpret and draw meaning in your life; This is possible only in solitude.

Here is an exercise for you:
  • Take time out to be alone
  • Reflect back at your life
  • Pick few events from the distant past and check whether your interpretation and your subsequent actions were functional and wholesome
  • Pick some events that happened recently and check how you interpreted them.
  • Were your interpretations and the subsequent thoughts and actions conducive to your success?
  • How are you interpreting, at this very moment, this exercise.
  • Try to spot a trend
  • Take action steps to change the way you interpret life if you find it dysfunctional to you and your success

Try this exercise a few times. You will find that changing the way you interpret your life is the key to living life to the fullest.

Get into the habit of periodically doing this exercise to ensure you have developed wholesome habits of the way you give meaning to everything around you and inside you.

Do share in your experience here!