How to build trust?

How to build trust?
How to build trust? This is a question that you need to address day in day out. You may need to build trust in a variety of situations and with variety of people. Building rapport is the first step to build trust.

Creating confidence can be done using the following tips:

Be punctual in your appointments

• Smile and smile genuinely

• Be kind and polite

• Show a lot of care sincerely

• Listen to understand

• Practice empathic listening

• Convey to the person that you have understood
   what he or she has said

• Clarify expectations

• Have a problem solving attitude

• Consider the other person’s win along with yours

• Promise only those things you can deliver

• Deliver what you have promised

• Always exceed your promises

It is amazing how often people violate these areas and still expect trust to grow.

“How to build trust?” is a question that you need to tackle, so follow these tips and win on a daily basis.

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