Good self esteem

Good self esteem
Good self-esteem is very important. One of the main barriers for you to maintain good self-esteem is the residual of regret that you carry with you every day. Constant regret will undermine your self-confidence.

Tips on self confidence you will find below is all about how to get rid of the regret and safeguard your esteem.

Feel good tips to counter and handle regret effectively:
  • Acknowledge the mistake you made.
  • Tell yourself that it is ok to make mistakes for you are only human.
  • Substitute “if only I had done -“with “Now and next time I will do differently.”
  • Pack all the regret in your imaginary suitcase and throw it into a nearby lake.
  • Talk to a trusted friend who will encourage you to overcome the regret.
  • Listen to feel good music.
  • Watch feel good movies.
  • Enjoy nature.
  • Develop an action plan to do better.
  • Pray deeply for guidance and leave the rest to God.
Feeling good tips given above can go a long way to get rid of your regrets and boost your personal confidence. Practice them one by one and see for yourself the amazing results.

Good self-esteem is precious, so protect it at all cost.

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