Workplace conflict-managing it effectively.

Workplace conflict-managing it effectively.
Workplace conflict can arise suddenly. It may be with your co-worker or boss. Conflict can result in raising the stress levels of both, you and the person with whom you are having a difference of opinion.

Workplace conflict, if not managed, can lead you to build negative images about yourself and your colleague. If you leave it alone for a long time, it can result in a breakdown in the relationship.

Eventually, when you try to resolve it without prior preparation, you can end up with a win lose outcome or a lose win outcome.Managing conflict has several vital steps.

Given below are some key things you can do to emerge with a win win outcome and build relationship while at it:
  • Get facts on the table
  • Look at the problem from the other persons angle
  • Look at the problem from your side
  • Imagine both of you looking at the problem together
  • Brainstorm different alternative approaches to solve it
  • Choose the best approach
  • Remember the rational for the chosen approach
These steps will prepare you thoroughly for the negotiation to resolve the conflict.

Once you set up the meeting you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Vote for talking first
  • Show a lot of respect
  • Acknowledge the validity of others point of view
  • State your own point of view
  • State the solution with the benefits
  • Openly talk about the pros and cons
  • Invite the other person to comment on your solution
  • Fine tune the solution based on the inputs given
  • Be always prepared to consider alternative approaches
  • Arrive at the final solution together
Once you do this you will feel the stress lifting and your relationship growing while both of you have arrived at the win win outcome.

Workplace conflict can be resolved promptly-act now and build relationships.

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