Do you use the power of music to move you?

I was watching a show recently where professional singers, each having a totally different style of music, were performing. I could see and feel the mood of the audience swing as the different themes of music and songs were sung.

I could also feel the music arousing in me, the very same moods that the audience were experiencing (I was watching this on television).

At one point, one singer sang a very jubilant and bubbly song with a corresponding jubilant effect on the audience, while the next performer sang a serious, sad, and thought provoking song. The latter singer changed the jubilant audience with just few lines of her song to a sober, silent, thoughtful and even tearful audience.

The transformation was magical and immediate; This set me thinking.

How about using music to change our moods deliberately. I have been neglecting this powerful tool all my life.

Every one of us need a collection of music to change our moods; Now with ipods around, let's put technology and music to proper use.

Just imagine hearing very inspiring music, every day. Just imagine having a menu of music to select from.

I have decided to collect music carefully, the ones that will inspire me, and load them onto my ipod; Here is another idea-How about having different ipods for different moods?

What do you think? D0 you have a collection?

Do share your experience here.

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1 comment:

Angad Deep singh said...

Yes i also believe music does have a soothing effect on our nerves. Perhaps i believe its a sort of a treatment which can help people to get out of depression.

In my case I like to listen to different type of music...
When ever i am in good mood you would find me listening to hip hop sort of music or some disco numbers this sort of music tries to amplify the happiness

when ever i am not so good mood i like to listen to holy prayers which we call "Shabads" perhaps the wordings and the music is such a calming effect on my nerves that i tend to be back to normal within no time......