Do you expect to hit a home run every time?

There are times when you will perform excellently. There will also be times when you don't perform well, for what ever reason; when that happens, you need to quickly learn and move on.

The point I am trying to make is that all of us are humans and not robots. There are days when we will shine through but there will also be days when we mess up, perhaps mess up big time.

You need to learn and move on; A dysfunctional thing to do is to ruminate negatively and get yourself into a negative state or even depression.

Sometimes things go wrong even if you have put in all the efforts. You always have choice to learn from the situation and move on.

Moreover, the situation you have experienced may be the best thing that could have happened to you; Who Knows? There may come a time in future when you look back to this situation and realize the immense life changing contribution it made; You may even say "Thank You!"

Are you ruminating too much on things that have gone wrong or the mess up you have created?

Stop! Reflect! Learn! Let Go! Move on in life!

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