Are you monitoring the gradual changes around and within you?

Sudden changes could be dangerous, but gradual changes can be devastating. Let me explain this.
We easily notice the sudden changes. They catch our attention and we need to take action. However, most of us, completely miss the gradual changes that affect us until it becomes so painful that we are unable to ignore them anymore.

  • Gradual loss of hair
  • Erosion of trust
  • Slow loss of self-control
  • Gradual accumulation of clutter
  • Gradual gain of weight
  • Slow and steady deterioration of a relationship
  • Gradual loss of customers
  • Gradual erosion of our values
  • Gradual move towards becoming redundant

The list an go on.

How do we combat this?

The only way is to be alert and monitor the changes.

Here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Identify areas in your life that is subject to gradual changes;The list can be very long
  2. Prioritize the areas you will monitor
  3. Assess the extent of erosion
  4. Develop action plan to arrest the erosion
  5. Develop action plan to reverse the erosion completely, if possible
  6. Revisit the list periodically

Do it now before it is too late!

Do it before the change attains a critical mass!

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