Do you miss an opportunity even though it stares in your face?

Some opportunities will knock your door hard and you need to to be completely stone deaf not to hear it. However, most of the opportunities arrive silently and are in the backdrop;
They stay there until time elapses and the opportunities fade away, unnoticed.
Most of the people miss opportunities as they are unaware of them!
Why does this happen?


Just close your eyes and decide that when you will open it you will notice all the red colored stuff around you.

Did you suddenly become aware of all the red colors around you? The more you are in this red color search mode, the more you will filter out the other colors or even if you see them, you will ignore them.

Hence, it is very important to scan for opportunities. The problem is people get fixated on their goals. They wear goggles and forget to remove them (Check out the previous post on "goggles" if you have not read it).


So executives get stuck to their professional goals to the neglect of their family goals or people get stuck to their financial goals to the neglect of their health goals; This is assuming that they have set goals in the first place.

To a person carrying a hammer, everything will appear as a potential nail.

What is paradoxical is that even if you have set goals in different areas of your life, you will miss them if you do not actively scan for opportunities.

The more you are aware of your goals, in different areas, in your life and the more you keep them in front of you and scan for opportunities, the more you will be able to spot opportunities and grab them.

The picture depicts what you need to do.

  • Identify the situation or context you are in (in office or out on the road or at your daughter's school or ---)
  • Select a goal relevant to the situation
  • Scan for opportunities relevant to the goal
  • Spot the opportunity
  • Action it
  • Accomplish

Going through this cycle again and again for different goals can completely change the direction of your life!

Try it and share your experience here!

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