15 things to do so that you do not have to hear ideas, you could have thought about yourself, from others.

Hearing ideas from others is a valuable exercise. We need to be open to others ideas so that we can examine our own and discard them if we encounter a superior idea. However, many a times, we hear ideas from others, we could have easily come up with ourselves.

Have you ever come out of a meeting thinking how you wish you had thought of that idea yourself?

Here are the fifteen things you need to do to avoid such a situation:
  1. Define the problem or issue completely so that you home in on ideas that are rich and relevant to it
  2. Arrive at the definition only after arriving at at least 5 alternative definitions of the problem or issue
  3. Apply the Pareto principle-what are the 20% of the elements of the issue or problem if I tackle, will give me 80% of the results or impact?
  4. Depending on the complexity of the problem or issue, set aside 3 to 5 sessions of creative thinking.
  5. Use an expensive pen and a note book to capture your priceless ideas; Nothing motivates like luxury!
  6. Generate as many ideas as possible
  7. Look at the issue from different angles
  8. Plan your sessions sufficiently advance so that you can sleep over after each of the sessions
  9. Read the ideas you have written just before falling asleep
  10. Capture ideas, if any, in the morning
  11. Repeat steps 5 to 10 for every planned session
  12. Consolidate the ideas and review
  13. Choose the best of the ideas and form an ideas list
  14. Start applying these ideas to the issue or problem
  15. You are now ready to listen to the ideas of others with an open mind

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