Do you use pen and paper to think?

Try this out! Next time you have a complex problem to solve, take a pen and paper and begin to think by capturing on paper your thoughts.

For many of you, this will give a tremendous boost in the quality of your thinking; While you write down your thoughts, you should also attempt to draw them.

You will realize the power of this technique only when you actually experience it.

Once you find your quality of thinking improving, you can then buy an expensive pen and a note book; Name this pen as the think pen and the note book as the think note book.

Have them handy! You never know when you will need them!

Why do you need to buy expensive pens and notebooks? It is because you need these tools to record your priceless thoughts!

Many of us do not have this habit of thinking on paper and we miss out on the powerful thoughts that could have flown from our minds to the pen to the paper if only we had these tools and used them!

What is your experience? Do share your thoughts here!

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Virgo said...

Hi, I'm glad I read this post because I do just that. I am now in my 3rd notebook with all my thoughts. I even put the dates if I remember. I just write whatever comes to my mind. It's fun to read through them again and again...

Beth Robinson said...

This is my usual method of thinking things through, although I prefer to do it on loose sheets of paper that are easily thrown away. I review them afterward and record the best parts in a nicer notebook.