Ratatouille-What a movie!-Messages

I saw this great movie on the New Year's day. I think this is one of the best movies of Disney-Pixar. It is all about a lowly rat called Remy, who happens to have a great talent for cooking. In fact, he discovers this, when, he accidental watches one of the great chef's of France, talking on the TV about his book - Anyone can cook.

Remy is truly inspired---. He and his human friend set out on a journey of adventure in one of the finest hotels in Paris.The animation and the cartoon is so good, that you can even correlate the location in Paris depicted in the movie to the actual location of this great city.

However, what is more important is the theme and the moral of the story.

I found the following messages:

  1. Go after your talents, even if you have to break your societal/familial norms.
  2. Great talent will get noticed immediately
  3. "Anyone can cook" can be changes to Anyone can paint/draw/sing/invent/lead/be rich/succeed/--- the list can go on an on.
  4. The difference between good (cooking) and great (cooking) is the courage to try new ingredients in established recipes.
  5. You can pull it off only if you are honest and have integrity.
  6. Every critic, even the meanest one, has a child in him/her and appealing to the child is the key to win his accolade in addition to your excellence in the product or service.
  7. Genius and talent can spring from any strata of the society.

It takes courage to go after a career, that, is aligned to your talent. This is a path taken by few. Your decision about this will determine whether you will have a mediocre life or attain star status.

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