I recently made a surprising discovery. I am spending most of the time indoors, with very little or no activities outdoors. This is so, despite the weather being good most of the year. Analyzing a little further, made me realize the reasons for this imbalance:

  1. Home-car-office-car-home- week in, week out, with no attempt to go outdoors, even after I get back home.

  2. Too much time in front of the laptop, and TV .

  3. Going to malls on weekends or movies, which are, again indoors.

How easily we fall into routines, without even realizing it.

I think spending outdoors will bring in a breath of fresh air and all of us definitely need that "breath of fresh air."

What about you? When was the last time you spent outdoors?

On the flip side, those who spend too much time outdoors, should ask themselves, when was the last time they spent indoors.

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