Common Mistakes

In every endeavour we do, there is ample scope for us to commit mistakes. Just because we have been doing a specific activity for years doesn't mean we have mastered it.

This is the observation, I made, when I witnessed the "mock presentation" of my colleague.

He committed the same blunders I have seen time and again in many presentation I have witnessed, over a period of years. What is more disconcerting, is that my colleague is not new to making presentations.

Why does this happen?
Every activity can be performed the right/effective way or the wrong/ineffective way. This is true for making presentations, surgical operations, raising children, gardening, exercising---.

Identifying and learning the correct way of doing something and being aware of the common mistakes, that are usually commited during such an activity, will help us to be effective and successful.

Scan through the various activities you do. How many of them have gone into an auto pilot mode with built in mistakes you are not even aware of.

My colleague had made that presentation after 3 hours of practice. However, his practice did not help him at all, as he had paid scant attention to what constitutes an effective presentation and what are the major pitfalls he must avoid while making a presentation.

If you perfect imperfection the end result is still imperfection.

You end up perfectly imperfect!

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