What is motivation and how you can sustain it the entire day?

Take charge of your motivation
What is motivation? It is the drive you feel within yourself to get things done.

You may surround yourself with all kinds of motivations from people, motivational quotes, videos and any other means by which you may want to inspire yourself, however, if you do not set your motivational level first thing in the morning, it will soon dissipate.

What do you need to do to have high energy levels and drive throughout the day?

Here are a few tips:

Set what you want to achieve for the day

• Get rid of all distractions

• Grasp your attention and hold a tight rein on it

• Channel your attention towards the tasks you want
   to accomplish

• Take periodic breaks

• Cut yourself off from the Internet whenever you
   don’t need it.

Attention is a priceless commodity. Your attention is held to ransom by zillions of distractions around you.

If you have set a game plan for the day and put your attention on it, you will have sustained motivation.

Motivating yourself is a very important task that will take care of all other tasks.

Attending to this task and staying motivated is what motivation is all about.

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