Is your decision making driven by others?

Are you a puppet while making decisions?
 Decision-making is an important activity you do every day. Many of your decisions are taken subconsciously by you without you even realizing it.

What most of the decision makers like you do not realize is that many of the decisions taken are heavily influenced by others.

The question you need to ask yourself is that are you allowing too much influence of others in your decision-making process?

Look at some past decisions and search for the ones you have blindly followed other's suggestions.

You may be surprised that some of the decisions you are living with, suggested by others are giving you sub optimal results.

Here are some tips that will prevent you from following others suggestions blindly:

Be aware that others are giving you suggestions
   that will affect your decisions

Pause and reflect on it briefly as soon as you
   receive a suggestion

Fix a time in near future to reflect on the

Ponder over the positive and negative
   consequences of following that suggestion

Check whether the person who gave you the
   suggestion has any vested interest in your decision

Brainstorm and generate more alternatives

Compare all the alternatives, including the

Choose the best alternative for yourself

It is very easy to be led astray and reach decisions that may be detrimental to you. Many a times you may realize it only after a long period of time, maybe even years after.

Take charge of your decision making from this moment onwards.

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