In a rut?

Choose a fun activity
I am in a rut! Is that the thought that is occurring to you lately? If so, then you need to take immediate action to feel good.

While there are many causes for this thought and its corresponding feeling that would require detailed analysis, you can, however, take action to get rid of the feeling of boredom you are facing right now.

Here is what you need to do.

List down all the activities that gave you lot of enjoyment in the past. A sample list is given below:

• Drawing
• Math
• Public speaking
• Playing a sport
• Trekking
• Painting
• Singing
• Travel to a new place
• Visiting your aunt
• Going out with your friends

Here is how to get out of the rut. Make an exhaustive list. It will be a good idea to take inventory of all the fun activities you enjoyed right from your childhood.

The next step is to go through the list and choose an activity that you have not done in years.

Plan to do it. You will be surprised how such an activity can lift your mood to such a high level that people around you will ask you what it is that is making you so happy.

The more you do this the quicker it will be for the “in a rut” thought to recede and vanish altogether.


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