How to take a mini holiday every day?

I was sitting in the security area of a large automotive company for which my daughter is consulting.

The car had gone in order to drop her, and I was awaiting for the car to come back.

As I sat there I noticed a landscaped lawn, a thick bunch of trees with green leaves, and emerging right through the foliage were two coconut palms. The coconut palms had not so fully developed yellow coconuts against a backdrop of the blue sky. The palm leaves were swaying lazily and seem to exude a sense of peace.

Instantly I remembered my childhood when I use to look at trees with branches and leaves swaying in the wind. I had missed this scene all these days as I was internally preoccupied with my own thoughts. I looked at the beautiful scene for a long time and felt peace and joy.

The lesson I learnt today was that  I can always actively seek beautiful scenes and enjoy them every day.

I can choose to go on a mini holiday anytime I want, and it is completely free of any cost.

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