Do you protect your loved ones from negative inputs from others?

All your loved ones will be having conversations with people day in day out. Most of the conversations are that of the garden variety, causing no harm. However, once in a while they may encounter a person who instils in them a strong negative idea.

Example: you are a born loser; you are dumb;---

How do you ensure that the strong negative idea does not harm your loved one.

Here are a few tips:

  • Build trust that they are willing to share with you their experience or conversation frequently.
  • Be aware of the non verbal signals, especially of your children. If you find their face worried or anxious, or they appear withdrawn then you need to find out the reason.
  • When they begin to talk to you stop everything and listen to them carefully. Do not negate their statements rather demonstrate by reflecting of what they say that you completely understand their content and the feelings.
  • When they have felt understood by you, you can begin to destroy the negative inputs.
  • Be patient because your attempt to negate the negative inputs may take a while.

Always be alert of how the world is affecting your loved ones. Make sure that you process their experience and turn them into something good and productive.

This is especially important if you have children. Neglect this one duty and you will let the children carry a burden, all through their lives.


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