What new experience have you pursued today?

It is easy to live life the same way as you have lived all these years. We go to the same restaurants, read the same type of books, listen to the kind of music, hang around with the same type of people,---, the list can go on and on.

Is it a shame to live life in the same manner every day? No! not necessarily, however you may be missing opportunities to have new experiences that you may really enjoy.

How do you get out of this habit?

Here are a few tips:

  • Ask your self this question at least once a week to begin with, 'What new experiences can I pursue this coming week?' Friday is a good day to ask this question because you then have a weekend to try it out.
  • Be bold
  • Seek experiences in areas you would never even dream of.
  • Start small
  • Have a goal of having a new experience at least twice in a month
  • Take the help of others. Do things others are doing that you have never done before
  • Hang out with children for new ideas
  • Plan together with your spouse and have new experiences together

Try these tips. Your life will never be the same again.

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