Are you responsible for the rut you are in?

There are two ways to live your life, day by day. One is by getting into routines which have set in, with or without your awareness., The other by careful inclusion of those activities that tap your talents and enrich your life.

If you are alert you will weed out the routines in your life that are dysfunctional.

Here are some examples of routines that are dysfunctional:
  • Reading email through out the day without doing productive work
  • Surfing the Internet aimlessly
  • Visiting sites that you should not be visiting
  • Doing things that are the loudest and the latest
  • Water cooler conversations that go on for hours
  • Getting through the day without planning
  • Doing things just to get by and get through the day

These are just a few examples. You can make your own customized list. I can bet that if you have not weeded out your routines, you will have a long list.

Weed the useless routines that have accumulated, and substitute them with life enriching activities.

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