What is the connection of pain and preparation?

The first time the dentist extracted her two teeth, upper and lower, to prepare her for orthodontic braces, she screamed with pain. Two weeks later, she went again for the extraction of two other teeth and she screamed far lesser, as the pain she felt was relatively lesser.

What the dentist told me set me thinking deeply. He said," Last time she was scared as she didn't know what will happen. Today she was prepared and so was I."

Most of the time we fear the unknown; We panic and magnify our pain. Moreover, we are that much less prepared to deal with the pain.

Once we have gone that route that causes us pain, we are less afraid, as we are more prepared and hence we hurt much less than the first time.

How about preparing consciously for an anticipated painful experience?

Many a times life brings us face to face with situations and people who bring us pain again and again. The more prepared we are, the less hurt we will feel.

Be prepared for life's recurring hurts so that you hurt less and less.

Think! Try! Do!

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