Do you take care of your communication based on the context?

We as a family decided to curb our spending, for a while. We were going overboard, spending on all kinds of stuff, as all of us like shopping.

Yesterday, my wife asked me to withdraw some money from the ATM while I was coming home from work. I asked her, "Why should we withdraw money again?" I asked that question because I had sufficient cash in my purse and was wondering why we need to make a trip to the ATM.

However, my wife was upset as the question was filtered through the context of our decision not to overspend!

Since our family resolves conflicts immediately because of openness and transparency, the misunderstanding was resolved.

Is the context in which you are communicating colouring your communication?

Be always aware of the context and its impact on what you say. It can save you from a lot of misunderstanding.

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