Do you push too hard to teach someone something?

You can teach people only when they are ready to learn. No matter how much you try, unless they realize within themselves the need to learn, they will not be receptive.

This is true for your colleagues, friends, relatives, children and your spouse; This is true even for you!

The need for learning comes from either desire or pain; Both of these are internal processes.

Every desire or pain has to reach a certain threshold before which you can even pay appropriate attention to it.

The great secret is that these threshold levels vary from person to person.

There are people with low threshold levels who take immediate action; There are also people with high threshold levels who wait for, what seems eternity, before they even begin to take notice and act. People with high threshold levels act sometimes too late. They end up missing opportunities to learn and thrive.

Be aware of the threshold levels in you and others. Seize immediate opportunity to learn or teach when you or others cross the threshold levels. Awareness is the key!

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