Lessons from music!

I was listening to music on my ipod; Relaxing, with lights switched off, I could easily focus on the lyrics of the song and the accompanying music, the chorus, the violin here and there, the drums, ---

It set me thinking.

How does the music director/composer know the various sounds he has gathered together to compose such a melodious music?

I am sure she would have done the following:

  1. Be passionate about music
  2. Research the various instruments
  3. Research the various sounds
  4. Put in years of practice
  5. Experiment with various sounds
  6. Use her innate talent in composing music
  7. Studied music
  8. Practice till she is perfect
  9. Use her creativity to compose

Our lives should be like that.

We need to pack our days with carefully selected experiences; Just like a music director composing music.

Steps to pack in wholesome experiences:

  1. List out the stuff that are wholesome and fun to do
  2. List out things that are beneficial to do
  3. Align them to your goals.
  4. Carefully plan your day and week with things to do that will give you maximum fun and benefit-Example-Exercise, listen to music, study, time with family---
  5. Live them
  6. Have fun
  7. Reap the benefits

Fill your day with carefully chosen activities and you will be amazed how much fun living can be!

Try it out!

What do you think? Do share your thoughts in your comments here.

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