Do you have secrets in your family?

A healthy family should be an open family. There should be high trust and willingness to share with no room for secrets. This is possible only if all the family members are mature and trustworthy.
It is important to build such families, consciously. Your family is an open family when your family members have nothing to hide from one another.

A couple marries, has children, and the family culture is formed by their actions. The culture can be from completely being open to being completely closed.

The key to openness in families lie in the willingness and the capability, of its family members, to resolve conflicts. It also depends on how emotions are handled, both from the giving and receiving end. If anger is the main currency of emotion in the family, it becomes very difficult for people to open up.
I have seen many families. Some of them are completely closed. These families seem to do well when things are normal. There is a sense of calm. This calm is very deceptive as there is simmering anger and mistrust among family members.

These families will break up when faced with jugular issues - such as property, business, expenditure, and other materialistic concerns.

I have also seen families that get into the storm of conflict, but because the family members trust each other, and are willing to go the mile to resolve the conflict, through openness, humbleness, forgiveness, and trust, they emerge victorious-stronger and more cohesive than ever before.

What about your family? Do you have secrets from your trusted family members; It is time to examine them.
It requires a lot of intra-personal work to become a person with no secrets.

What is your experience? Do share your thoughts here!
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