17 steps to live a life congruent to your wholesome values

It is very important to have all our actions congruent to our wholesome values. One of the best ways to ensure that your actions and values are aligned and congruent is to introspect and take action.

Here are a few steps to do them:
  • Find yourself a free time-say about an hour
  • Seclude yourself-you need to be alone for this exercise
  • Look back at your life, as it is, currently happening.
  • Ask yourself this question-Am I doing anything that is against my value system?
  • List them down at random on a pad or in your PDA memo
  • If you have more than two violations then you need to prioritize them
  • Prioritize them by the biggest violation
  • Select the biggest violation
  • Decide to get rid of this behavior that violates your deep seated, principle based values
  • Assess the impact of getting rid of the behaviour
  • Give yourself a timeline to get rid of this behaviour
  • Check out whether you can get rid of this behaviour on your own or you need help
  • Reach out to your family members or close friends (if you are comfortable doing so) and take their support and help. This may require you opening up to them.
  • Determine action steps to get rid of the behaviour
  • Get rid of the behavior
  • Reward yourself
  • Continue this exercise till you have eliminated every non aligned behaviour

Try this out. It can have tremendous impact on your self-esteem. It will boost your self-esteem sky high. It will also relieve a lot of stress in the long run

Living a congruent life is foundational to living a life of joy and happiness.

What is your experience? Do share your thoughts here!

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