How often do you try new things?

It is very easy to get into a rut and live a dull life. We get stuck to our careers, place we live, kind of books we read, entertainment we seek,---

Unless we schedule some time to try out new things, we may live for years missing out on many experiences.

I have decided to schedule an hour a day for trying out new stuff.

Some of the stuff I have shortlisted:
  • Drawing
  • Writing a book
  • Playing around with photoshop
  • Editing my video tapes
  • Social work

I may not do everything everyday, but I will do something, for an hour, everyday.

Exploring various options, potential talent areas, and experiences are very important in addition to pursuing goals related activities.

Try it out! Break the monotony in your life-try new stuff!

What do your think? Do leave your comments here.

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