What are the 30 things that make you an "also ran"?

There are so many factors that limit you to mediocrity and makes you an "also ran".

Check out whether any or all of these are playing a havoc in your life:

  1. Blind role modelling
  2. Unexamined influence of people
  3. Labels you or others have attached onto you
  4. Negative programming you have undergone
  5. Lack of vision
  6. Lack of mission
  7. Lack of well thought out goals
  8. Unexamined values
  9. Complacency
  10. Quickly satisfied with what you have currently achieved
  11. Laziness and other habits
  12. Not knowing your strengths
  13. Environment
  14. Negative cultural influence of:-(1) family, (2) Team, (3) Organization, (4) Country, (5) Current era in which you are born to (6) friends
  15. Your self-talk
  16. Narrow interests
  17. Narrow focus on your job
  18. Inadequate support
  19. Wrong job
  20. Poor risk taking
  21. Inadequate seeking of adventure
  22. Negative influence of books
  23. Negative influence of TV
  24. Negative influence of movies
  25. Negative influence of Internet
  26. The place your are currently living in
  27. Unexamined negative experiences from your past
  28. Your lack of education
  29. Not spending time alone to introspect
  30. Not learning from your mistakes

Use the above checklist and break free.

What do you think? Do record here your comments.

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