Try this quantum leap experiment!!!

Look back at the week gone by. How did it go? Did you achieve the goals you set? Did you set goals at all?---

These are the few questions and many more that are going around in my head, as I sit on this Friday evening, in my office, with the weekend staring at me.

I think we need to ask these questions every week; Of all the questions that I found interesting to ask, I found a question that profoundly shook me up and energized me.

The question is:

What was the one thing I needed to change, if I had changed, that would have given me a quantum leap in productivity and quality of life last week?
Home in on that one thing you need to change and change it next week; Experiment.
This is the quantum leap experiment and the question is the quantum leap lever you can use to your advantage.
This question should act as a lever to move and turn your world around.
Every week the answer to the question may be different. Every person may get a different answer.
What is important is to get to that single, core behavior that is causing the problem or inhibiting you. Once you get to that critical behavior, you can find a way to change it.

Try it out and do share your experience in your comments to this post.


Jewels said...

Arrrgh. I didn't want to comment on everyting I read in your blog but you have a knack for hitting me right in the gut!

I am the worlds worst procrastinator. I have over commited myself to many many projects and master none. I am aware that my personal relationships and professional work ethics suffer from this. I feel like I need to unplug from my life, go to a place of total isolation and meditate on what my goals truly are, what I will sacrifice to achieve them and then empliment an action plan.

~ You were meant to cross my path!
Thank you....

Anonymous said...

I am a terrible procastinator, also. I Can procastinate everything to the last day of my life...
Am constantly fighting this, but since I am of procastinating nature, I always procastinate the fight with my procastination till tomorrow.
Why is it so hard to fight it and controle our actions? :(