Do you use the power of subconscious processing?

Many a times I have got an idea as soon as I get up in the morning; By the time I reach my office, the idea is well formed and is ready to be acted upon.

There is a power that goes to work for me every night and that power is subconscious processing. It has never failed to give me brilliant ideas.

Given below is the way to tap the power:
  1. Think of the area or problem you want your subconscious mind to process upon
  2. Dwell over this problem just before you go to sleep
  3. Visualize yourself getting up in the morning with a brilliant idea
  4. Now relax by visiting some memory that was very pleasant to you
  5. Give a command: My subconscious mind is processing the solution for the problem I just dwelt upon while I am falling into a nice relaxed sleep. My subconscious mind is continuing to process the solution which it will present to me when I wake up after a good relaxing sleep.
  6. Fall asleep thinking of the good memory

It is important to word your command carefully. One needs specialized training in this and the commands have specific rules of construction.

For those who don't have this knowledge, being alert in the morning as soon as you wake up and keeping a pencil and pad at hand is an alternative route.

If you get an idea continue to think of it and process it as you shower, get dressed, eat your breakfast and commute to reach the office. Do this only if you are NOT driving to office. Always follow safety norms and ensure you are in deep thought, only in places that do not require your alertness to avoid accidents.

Let your mind work for you! Train it and it will be your best ally in the years to come.

Happy, safe idea processing!


FadeT said...

Hi.. I would like to share a story, which might be related to this topic..

I always use what you called as subconscious processing during exam.

I usually use it in essays. Sometimes I got writer's block, so I sleep for like 10 minutes. When I woke up, it's amazing because I can write quite impressive essay instantly.

And sometimes I know that I know the answers, just need to remember it. So, I sleep and the answers came through my mind as soon as I wake up.

Of course I need my friends' help- to wake me up, in case I don't wake up in time. But, so far, it works.

I don't know what actually happened scientifically, but I know that our brain is an amazing gifts.

Lubel said...

Wow! That explains my experience years ago when I was trying to debug a program but can't find the bug. I had to produce the output of the program the next day (payslips) but decided to go home at 11 PM to sleep. I instructed the driver of our company car to fetch me at 5 AM. Would you believe that I dreamed of the exact location of the bug? I fixed it when I got to the office the next morning, and the payslips were out by 10 AM!

Jewels said...

I use this technique often. I am blessed with memory of many of my dreams when I wake. I am a morning person as well. That may be a factor in memory of the dreams.

I can dwell on a problem before I go to sleep. Think about solving the problem in my dreams. Wake up and have a solution.

Done it many times. When my mothers says for me not to dwell in things because it only causes stress... I smile and say "yes mama"... and go to sleep!!