Do you schedule sufficient time for your ideas to incubate?

Scheduling sufficient think time for creative projects is very important, especially if that project has a deadline.

You need time to think, you need time to generate new ideas and once a new idea is formed, you need time for that idea to incubate;

Hence the chain of events should be as shown below:

Start---Think time---Understand the project---Think time---Goals set----Think time---Ideas---Incubate time---Final selection.

Most of the people do not schedule think time into their projects; Very few people even know the concept of incubation time.

Incubation time gives your mind, sub conscious mind, the time to process and give you a well formed, quality idea.

In this fast track, reactive, hyperventilating world, very few people use the power of incubation time.

They just react from one situation to another and from one project to another.

You can use incubation time only if you sufficiently plan for it and schedule it.

Try it out! Do share your experience here through your comments.

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