How do you handle suggestions from others?

There are different ways we handle suggestions. If we look at the figure above e can see 4 quadrants which depict the following:
  1. Quadrant 1-Low Thinking and low acceptance- here you outright reject a suggestion with little thinking

  2. Quadrant 2 - Low Thinking and high acceptance-here you outright accept a suggestion with little thinking

  3. Quadrant 3-High thinking and low acceptance-here you thoughtfully reject an idea

  4. Quadrant 4-High thinking and high acceptance-here you thoughtfully accept an idea

Both quadrant 1 & quadrant 2 are dangerous. You may either miss good suggestions or accept some suggestion with little thinking and land yourself in trouble. Quadrant 3 & quadrant 4 are good provided you weigh the pros and cons of the suggestion and take action. Quadrant 3 is good as long as you don't reject an idea because of ego or arrogance.

It is important for you to examine the way you handle suggestions; The way you handle suggestions could spell out success or failure to you.

Most of us take the way we handle suggestions granted; Sometimes the price we pay may be very high.

Which quadrant do you usually fall when you are given a suggestion?


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