Do you tell white lies?

What are white lies? These are lies people tell each other to smoothen the social machinery.
  1. I tried to call you yesterday but your number was not getting through. Belated Happy Birthday. (She could have said that she forgot and apologized for it)
  2. We will hit our targets this month.(He could have said that he will fall short and could have shown his boss the plan to bridge the gap)
  3. Wow! Your new dress is beautiful(She could have told her the truth that the new dress doesn't look good on her)
  4. I will definitely come to your party.(She could have apologized and said that she cannot go for the party as she will be out of town.

These are just a few examples. I think millions of white lies would have been uttered all over the world even before you finish reading this post.

We need to be assertive and tell the truth, while being sensitive to others feelings. The line between white lies and harmful lies is really thin.

If you tell white lies it will be easier for you to tell the real harmful lies because you will get a lot of practice day in day out.

Telling the truth is the best approach.

What do you think?

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