Do you care enough for people that you take care to remember them?

I have this tendency to forget names. I rarely do forget faces. This is very dysfunctional and I am taking steps to counter it.
How do you ensure that you remember people and their faces? I think we need to go even beyond that.
Here are the steps:
  1. Consciously study the face so that you remember it next time
  2. Repeatedly connect the name to the face. You could use mnemonics if you want to
  3. Enquire and remember what they do in life
  4. Remember the conversation you are having with them
  5. Take their visiting card and study it to connect to the person you are talking to

Let's say you meet him after three months and your conversation goes like this:

You: "Hi! Bob, How are you today?"

Bob: "Fine."

You: "How is your work going on in ---?"

Bob: "Oh! we made great progress ---. This is what we achieved ---."

You : "Great Bob!. Last time you had discussed with me about your trip to Hawaii. How was your trip---?"

Bob: "Wow! that was fun ---"

Just imagine the impact you will have on people if you remember to the above detail. They will look at you differently.

While it is important to record the data of people in your Palm or which ever PDA or low tech device you use, it is more important to register and record them in your mind.

Stay tuned for future posts on how to accomplish this.

Think about it. How much do you remember about people you meet.?

Think about the last person you met for the first time.

How much do you remember about her?


LeisaWatkins said...

This is so me. I can remember faces well. I can see someone I only briefly met and recognize them years later. Names are, like you, difficult for me to remember. So thanks I appreciate the tips.

I recently decided to focus on becoming better at remembering names so you're timing is perfect. Thanks!

Ferdinand said...

Actually forgetting faces and names is my weakest point. Keep on posting solutions to this problem!