Have you tried doing things for fun which you have never done before?

Many of us get stuck in a routine, even for activities that give us joy. We may continue to go for movies, read the same kind of books, visit the same friends, go to the same mall for shopping---
Unless we consciously take stock and break out of the routine, we will miss out on various other ways to enjoy.

Here are the steps you need to take to break out of your routine and have fun in new ways:
  1. Take a blank sheet of paper
  2. Suspend judgement for about 5 minutes (you are going to think creatively for the next 5 minutes).
  3. Generate ideas to have fun. Write whatever comes to your mind. Do not judge. The crazier your ideas are, the better they are. Sometimes you may be writing the ones you are already doing; No problem, just acknowledge and continue. Write non-stop for 5 minutes.
  4. You can, now, begin to judge those ideas. Cross out anything that is harmful, illegal, immoral, and impossible.
  5. Now you have a list of things to do that are clean fun
  6. Segregate the ideas that you can attempt immediately. Save the rest for the future (Example-you may want to visit Paris but you have to first save money for such a trip)
  7. Select an idea that appeals to you most and is feasible for you to do this coming weekend or alternatively, select the idea that least appeals to you ( you may be pleasantly surprised at the outcome)
  8. Develop an action plan to do it
  9. Do it
  10. Enjoy

Do share your experience in the comments, because you are going to have the time of your life!

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