Do you know what to talk about yourself?--2

Here is an exercise for you:
  1. Refer to the post - Do you know what to talk about yourself?---1
  2. Craft a message about yourself
  3. Practice introducing yourself while talking into an audio recorder
  4. Listen to yourself. How do you sound? What are the gaps in the content? Did you forget to mention an important fact about yourself? Did you forget to talk about an important achievement?
  5. Fill the gaps and practice again while recording your talk
  6. Finalize the version of your talk
  7. Practice! Practice! Practice!

When you do this exercise two things will happen immediately:

  1. You will develop confidence in presenting yourself
  2. You may discover gaps in your achievement which if you could have achieved would have given a powerful impact and face lift to your image; Such an achievement will elicit a 'WOW!' response from your listener.

The good news is that you can work towards that achievement. The missing achievement can become a goal you will strive for and very soon you will be able to add it to your self-introduction.

This exercise can change the course of your life!

Try it and do share your experience in the comments.

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