How do you focus?

I have this tendencey to focus on a single task or area to the exclusion of others. There are advantages and disadvantages.

  1. Task gets done quickly
  2. Task gets done with a mark of excellence
  3. I get lots of ideas because of my single minded focus
  4. Once it is complete, I get a sense of satisfaction of completeness


  1. Other tasks get neglected
  2. Important tasks get delayed
  3. Danger of missing out on urgent and important activities

The following disadvantages get magnified if it is a focus area rather than a single task and I get fascinated by it.

I have read all kinds of time management books and suggestions. None of them are complete in themselves;I think none of them will ever be.

The choices in front of every one of us are the following:

  1. Single, exclusive, unplanned focus
  2. Single, inclusive unplanned focus, (here you are alert to other tasks too)
  3. Single, exclusive, planned focus
  4. Single, inclusive, planned focus;leads to balance
  5. Multiple, inclusive, unplanned focus-(here you are on a random multitasking mode)
  6. Multiple, exclusive, planned focus-(here you are on a multitasking mode)

There must be a balance in focus in all areas of life. The focus must be planned, but not planned so much that we miss out on the opportunities that come to us at random or are unaware of the dangers that spring up suddenly.

How about you? How do you focus?

This is an important area for you to examine.

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