Time Travel-Ten Powerful Tips To Stop Imagining A Bleak Future!

Time Travel-Ten Powerful Tips to Stop Imagining A Bleak Future!
Do you constantly time travel in your mind to a dark future with bleak future prospects for yourself? Do you imagine things going wrong? May be your boss just called you and wants to have a word with you and you begin to imagine negative things happening .You time travel into the meeting in your mind and cascade one negative event after the other until you get completely stressed out.
If this time travel is a recurring habit then you need to get rid of it as it will cause a lot of tension for you. Almost all the negative predictions never come true and you get unnecessarily stressed.

How do you stop imagining negative things happening in the future? Here are some very powerful tips to stop such pessimistic time travel in your mind:

  1. Get the negative thought out of your head on to the paper
  2. Examine the negative thought and label it as a distortion
  3. Check the likelihood of the event happening on a scale of one to ten
  4. Attack the negative thought on paper and substitute it with a positive one
  5. Share the negative thought with a trusted friend
  6. Make a list of all the negative thoughts you have had in the recent past to feel amazed of how you fool yourself
  7. Keep this list handy and add the current negative thought to that list
  8. Examine all the factors within your control that can be acted upon to prevent the faint possibility of your negative thought coming true
  9. Remember all the tight situations you were in the past and how well you handled them
  10. Re-affirm the confidence in yourself about your capability of handling any type of crisis, leave alone this puny negative thought and prediction

These powerful steps can completely destroy the negative thought and help you to deal with any situation confidently. It will also help you to break the ill effects of time travel into a gloomy imagined future.

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Really nice tips! I look forward to applying them in my day to day life!

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