Get quick wins in every endeavour!

Get quick wins in every endeavour!
A quick wins mindset is very important if you want to demonstrate success to yourself or others. If you have a quick wins mindset then you will strive for it in every endeavour .
What are the advantages of a quick wins mindset? 

A quick win will: 

  • Build your confidence
  • Build trust rapidly 
  • Demonstrate that you are heading for success
  • Build your morale
  • Build your teams' morale
  • Lay a strong foundation for success
  • Will delight your customer
  • Will delight your boss

How do you develop a mindset that will help you to have a quick win every endeavour?

Here are some tips to get a mindset to develop quick win outcomes in every endeavour:

  1. Develop an affirmation, write it down and read it daily
  2. Search for opportunities in every endeavour for a immediate wins
  3. Before embarking on any outcome have a "quick win pause"
  4. Ask the quick win question in your team meetings-"Can we identify any rapid wins as we are developing a plan of action?"
  5. Develop a separate tracking mechanism to monitor progress
  6. Have a critique periodically and take course corrections
  7. Generate a  report of success and share it with your team and your boss
  8. Reward yourself for success in the endeavour
  9. Celebrate every accomplishment either alone or with your team
Developing  quick win habits, norms and culture are very important and every leader and manager should strive for them. Consistent effort in developing a quick win culture will crown every endeavour as a success. Go for quick wins from this moment.
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