How to have peace of mind through integrity?

There are different ways to have peace of mind. One of the ways to have peace of mind is by being honest all the time; You then have no need to tell one lie to cover up another lie and keep track of all the lies you are juggling around with different people.

However, just being honest is not enough, you also need to match your actions to what you have promised to yourself or with others; You need to walk your talk always.

Walking the talk is not easy, as you are always tempted to do things that do not promote your integrity.
  • You promise yourself to get up at 6:00 am but you switch off the alarm and go to sleep
  • You promise to do some errand to your spouse but procrastinate and do something else
  • You decide to start exercising regularly, you even start doing it and then you give up

These are few examples of integrity depleting actions (IDA)

However if you keep your promise, then you will be doing integrity promoting actions (IPA).

Most of us have a huge collection of integrity depleting actions already and furthermore we add, day in day out, more integrity depleting actions thus creating a complete imbalance of IDA and IPA.

Just imagine a day full of IPA, a week full of IPA, a month full of IPA, A year full of IPA, a decade full of IPA and a life full of IPA!

Start small and start for small durations; Gradually expand and fill your hours with integrity promoting actions.

Try it out and your life will be filled with peace as long as your actions are aligned to wholesome principles and values.

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