Do you periodically check how your loved ones feel about their lives?

Sometimes our near and dear ones are very good at masking their pain! Some may even mask their physical pain. No matter how alert we are ( In fact many of us are oblivious to others feelings) we can easily overlook and miss completely how others feel); Months go by and sometimes even years, and suddenly it is too late. The damage is done!

Some of the common damages are:
  • Breakdown of relationship
  • Loss of direction
  • Loss of opportunities (especially for children)

These are only some of the outcomes.

How do we prevent this?
It is possible only by constant communication within the family. It begins with developing a culture of openly sharing the innermost feelings with others. It is reinforced by every attempt by every family member to listen deeply to one another!

Only if you are aware that your loved one is in pain can you even begin to help him or her!

Think about it! Notice and take actions before it it too late!

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