How careful are you about your child's friends?

A professional colleague in Canada once told me that he was worried that his children are being raised by their classmates and friends. Children being raised by other children! To me, that was very scary.

I believe parents need to be in control, of the kind of friends, their children associate themselves with.

Many of us, as parents, are careful and have our watchful eyes on our children. We may even prevent or dissuade our children from associating with some of their friends. This fine in the actual physical world where we can see, hear, and then assess the impact of the friends our children mingle with.

However a large number of parents forget the Internet.
The greatest dangers are:
  • email
  • Chats
  • Face book
  • Orkut
  • Other Internet interactions-Yahoo answers
  • Groups
  • You tube

The list can go on.

When was the last time you checked on your son's contacts in his email or the kind of chats your daughter is having with and with whom?

What about the face book? What kind of comments are being written on your child's wall?

Internet brings the world to your child.

No matter how careful you are in the actual physical world, the virtual world may destroy every effort you exercise to protect your child.

Check your child's internet activities. You may be surprised! There is also a good chance you may be shocked!

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