DO you take people for granted in your life?

In the initial stages of any relationship-professional or personal, we are careful and attentive to the needs of others. We may even anticipate them and fulfill them; Then something strange happens, familiarity breeds contempt.

You will find that you have unconsciously taken the relationship for granted. This will continue, until, for most of us, we get a wake up call; Alas by the time we wake up it is too late.

How do we prevent this?

Here are some important steps in this regard:

  1. Look for opportunities you are missing with that person to fulfill her unspoken needs
  2. Examine whether you have missed out on fulfilling some of her expressed needs
  3. Look back and check what fun activities you were doing together which you have completely stopped
  4. Anticipate her needs and make a list of them
  5. Look at the points that emerge from first four steps and develop an action plan
  6. Surprise her completely by doing something for her from the list you have drawn
  7. Start slow and gradually increase pace
Try this and you will be more surprised than she will be.

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