How do you handle betrayal?

A close relative of ours came to our home with his family to invite us for his daughter's wedding. In the course of our conversation, he revealed how his sister and brother are not participating in the wedding. The reason he said was they sided the opposition in a property dispute and betrayed him. There was a lot of hurt in his eyes as he was the one who had supported them through out all these years.

My question: How do you handle such betrayal?
Here are some tips:
  • You need to protect your interest so that you are not cheated
  • You need to voice your feelings of hurt to the ones who betrayed you
  • You need to forget and forgive them, more for your well being than theirs;Such an act has therapeutic effect on you
  • Maintain distance with them more to protect yourself and your family
  • Move on with life. Make new connections and mingle with people who can reciprocate your trust
  • Continue to help the ones who betrayed you as before; this may sound crazy but I think we need to keep our end of the equation right
  • Teach your children the lesson you learnt
  • never gossip about the ones who betrayed you
  • Pray for the well being of the ones who betrayed you

I think you do this and you will keep your heart and mind clean, free from the toxic effects of anger, self-pity, and hatred.

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Air Traffic Control and Large Systems said...


I know your name but,.
Who are you?

Angad Deep singh said...

I like your tips but perhaps disagree with you on perhaps 6th point of yours as i think its not easy to forget such betrayals specially done by some close one's the more you try to forget them the more they tend to haunt you. So one should behave normally and try to move on with life leaves those who betrayed you behind............