Are the activities you choose aligned to your goals?

Look at the picture above and ask yourself the following questions:
  • Where does your choice fit in?
  • How much of "you" is there in every activity you select to act upon?
  • Are you acting on the activities chosen by chance or others?
  • How many of the activities you chose are aligned to your goals?
  • Which quadrant do you fall in most of the time?

The more activities you do that are aligned to your goals, the more the achievement and fun you will have in life.

Think about it carefully!

Monitor your selection of activities!

Live in the quadrants that are aligned to your goals! Use this Choice-goal quadrants to monitor yourself!

Do share in your experience here of using this quadrant.

Stay tuned for future posts where I will share a technique to live in the quadrant, where you are in control and the activities you select always are aligned to your goals majority of the time.

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