Use this tool to make your life productive!

We are living in times when we need to focus on multiple things. Assembly line approach to work is ineffective in most of the situations we find ourselves in; This is true, especially, if you are a knowledge worker.
In an attempt to solve this problem many people try multitasking. Multitasking is not only dangerous, it is outright ineffective.
It can result in burn out and you will end up producing low quality work.

What I am posting here is a tool that will help you to succeed. The tool is simple and fun to use.
Try it out! Refer to the picture which is self-explanatory.
  • Scan: You scan for 3 minutes or longer for various activities
  • Spot: You spot an activity based on the context, situation and the goals you have in mind
  • Focus: You focus on the activity for a preset time
  • Accomplish: You accomplish the preset goal for the activity
  • Stop: You stop the activity
  • Break: You take a break which is predetermined

You go through the cycle again and again through out the day. At night you take a long break-you sleep. Next day you continue---

Try it for a day. You will be stunned at what you can accomplish.

Do share in your experience here.


Shimmer said...

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Cult of Freedom said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly about multi-tasking--Each thing takes longer, so you don't really save time, and everything you do gets done worse. I like your approach to tasks--It can even be used to accomplish a big project by setting mini-goals along the way that you accomplish in chunks.