Have you created a daily dashboard for yourself?

It is important to have a daily dashboard that guides you to take course correction. We usually get focused on one thing or another and get blind sided to the rest; Very soon we get our lives dangerously imbalanced.
Imbalance has tremendous impact on our quality of life.
Please find below some symptoms
  • You are extremely successful professionally but lost out on family relationship
  • You are successful and have a good family relationship, but financially you have created a mess
  • You are so focused on friends and relationship that you neglect your professional life
  • You are so busy getting through the day that you forget to stop and learn
  • You find you are living a life against your values or your values have quietly shifted
  • You have completely missed out on the spiritual goals you set
  • You find that it is more than a year since you spent some quiet time with yourself
  • You have no friends

Well, these are some of the symptoms. It generally manifests itself as a feeling of restlessness, for you know deep in your heart that you are spinning your wheels and getting no where.

The antidote to this frightful state, is daily monitoring. What you need to do is construct a dashboard with which you can constantly monitor and course correct.

The dashboard, I use is depicted in the figure. You may begin with a few of the dials as you may have not constructed data feed for all the dials



  • Exercise, nutrition, relaxation, sleep etc.


  • Professional, new skills, training, new hobbies---

Living and adding values:

  • Your values, value shifts, and your daily contribution levels in various areas of your life


  • Your bank balance, spending pattern, debt, earning capacity---


  • Your family, friends, new network you have been nurturing---


  • Your spiritual goals, exercises, meditation---

You have to build your dashboard; Some of the dials need a lot of intra-personal work but you have to build it sooner or later.

Use this powerful concept to live a balanced life. Your dashboard will not only make your life richer, it will also make your life balanced.

Use dashboard daily!

Try it out and share your experience here.


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Madison Mancinelli said...

I think I would go crazy tring to figure out where I fit in the dashboard everyday!!

Love your blog!

Jewels said...

I had to laugh as i read the part where you put points to look at if you need a dash board.
EVERY one I would think "Oh thats me"
I guess I need not only the dashboard but the whole dern car!

I promise myself I am going to try this. I need some organization and direction in my very busy life

thanks for the wonderful tool and blog!!

SMS said...

I appreciate for your creative mind.Thought probing one..!!