What you need to keep in mind before you make a presentation to a client?

I am a consultant. I make lots of presentations to clients all across the world.

Please find below tthe checklist I have prepared to make my presentation effective:

  1. Have a detailed talk with the people who invite you for the presentation. You need to find out the purpose and the primary objective of why you are being invited

  2. Find out whether the need for your presentation was made by the client himself or it is an intermediary's need

  3. Find out the context in which the presentation will be made

  4. Find out what is the current situation if a project is going on

  5. Find out who are the participants and why they have been invited

  6. Check whether you need to meet the CEO seperately before making the presentation

  7. Check the quality of the relationship the person who invited you has with the client

  8. Try to elicit the trigger words and the taboo words

  9. Rehearse your talk

  10. Prepare a presentation following all the principles of communication

  11. Prepare the presentation afresh, and completly avoid copy and paste

  12. Practice your presentation

  13. List down the possible queries and develop answers for them

  14. Get the list of key people (decision makers) who will be present in the meeting

  15. Plan your visit and be punctual.

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