How are you faring with respect to your new year resolutions?

I am just doing a periodic critique here. I find myself fully in control, with respect to all of my new year resolutions. I wonder, why I didn't do these, very beneficial, things earlier.
I think the reasons for success are as follows:
  • High degree of commitment

  • High degree of self-discipline

  • Intense desire to reach specific goals related to the resolutions

  • Subordinating other activities, such as watching TV, to the new year resolutions

  • Family support and encouragement

Am I committed because these are a new year resolutions? Can we manufacture commitment during other times of the year?

The key, above all, is to be ruthless with yourself till these resolutions become habits and take on a life of its own.

You cannot let go the plane till you cruise to an appropriate altitude. Once you reach the optimal altitude, you can, then, go on an auto pilot mode.

What is your experience so far?

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Jenz Iggo said...

Hi MJ,

I believe that once you have found that 'special destination' that you are destined to do, passion, commitment, discipline, and everything else will fall in place.

Ruthless - a word for the undisciplined, but when you are set, climbing up for your desires would never be considered ruthless. It is fun and rewarding! Even if others may thing in reverse!